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    "It was a pleasure to work with ARTIE MEDIA during the creation of our website. The video positioned on our home page proved to be the ideal way of introducing not only our company, but also ourselves to new customers. Darrin was available at all times to answer our many questions, make improvements and provide guidance. The quality of ARTIE MEDIA’s work speaks for itself. We would highly recommend him to anyone!"

    Gail & Mike Handrahan

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Choosing Your Video?

Choose Video Productions that help you achieve Business Goals.

How can we help?Help Clients. Fulfill a Need.

Have you noticed how often you or someone you know has benefited from watching video? When you consider that videos are engaging, fun to watch, and they can quickly answer a question or solve a problem, it’s easy to see why millions of people are watching millions of videos everyday.

So, when you think about which videos you should choose for your company or organization, know that successful videos fulfill a need for your clients or members.

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Small Business Video Production

Small Business Video Production

Nonprofit Video Production

Nonprofit Video Production

Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Production

3 Ways to Fulfill a Need.

Help your clients find you.  Adding video to a webpage increases your chances of a google front page search result by 53X. Your first video should build awareness and increase visibility of your brand, your products and services, as well as your culture and personality. Small Businesses, Nonprofits and Corporations should all have a video that tells everyone who you are, what you do, and what you believe in.
Build interest in how your products, services or mission addresses a buyer’s need. By demonstrating successful products, services or programs, you’re proving that you’ve got what they need and it works.
Provide added value to your clients and members, before and after they buy-in. Show them how to enjoy your organization’s benefits, assemble and use your new product, or support them in getting the most out of your services. When you anticipate these types of needs you are enriching the buyer experience and building a loyal following.

What about your needs?

Video can satisfy your company’s or organization’s internal needs as well.  Let us show you how video can eliminate recurring expenses, increase productivity, and maximize effectiveness of dollars spent -company wide.

We offer you a complimentary consultation. That’s a conversation well worth having.

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Learn about video production, video marketing strategy, and video business solutions.

How Can Internal Corporate Video Save You Money? How Can Internal Corporate Video Save You Money?
How Do I Prove ROI For Video Production?-thumb How Do I Prove ROI For Video Production?-thumb