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    "It was a pleasure to work with ARTIE MEDIA during the creation of our website. The video positioned on our home page proved to be the ideal way of introducing not only our company, but also ourselves to new customers. Darrin was available at all times to answer our many questions, make improvements and provide guidance. The quality of ARTIE MEDIA’s work speaks for itself. We would highly recommend him to anyone!"

    Gail & Mike Handrahan

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What is Video SEO? Part 2

How can we help?What is Video SEO? Part 2: Maximum Exposure Strategy

Did you know a single optimized video can create multiple search engine results? Multiple search engine results means higher visibility, greater engagement with your social business pages, and more traffic to your website. Watch this video and learn more.

Like to read the video transcript. Normally you’d find it right here below the video, but we are testing an additional strategy -placing the video transcript on our Blog. You can read it here.  Check out our next Video FAQ, Do We Travel?

Discover more of our Video FAQ Series:

Learn about video production, video marketing strategy, and video business solutions.

How Can Internal Corporate Video Save You Money? How Can Internal Corporate Video Save You Money?
How Do I Prove ROI For Video Production?-thumb How Do I Prove ROI For Video Production?-thumb

Like to learn how Video SEO boosts the impact of your marketing strategies, drives engagement, and increases revenue?

We can provide Video SEO for all your videos -new and old.  We’ll show you how Video SEO advances your traditional marketing and advertising.  We’ll show you how Video SEO can supercharge these Online Video Marketing strategies.

  • YouTube Video Marketing
  • Facebook Video Marketing
  • Google+ Video Marketing
  • Linkedin Video Marketing
  • Twitter Video Marketing
  • Pinterest Video Marketing
  • Vimeo Video Marketing
  • Blog Video Marketing
  • Website Video Marketing
  • Video Advertising
  • YouTube For Nonprofits

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