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Across the Financial Services landscape, many like yourself have at one time or another viewed business development as a challenge. Hearing the word compliance, many remind themselves that they are shackled -especially when it comes to marketing themselves, their businesses, and their expertise in financial advisory.

We understand that you have messaging limitations. You can’t make promissory statements. You can’t use testimonials. You need to have your compliance officer approve any marketing materials you develop. And you’re going to need to add that bit of finely printed legalese to most any content that is approved. We get it.

In our industry, we are thankful when we recognize limitation. We’re not worried about what you can’t say. In creativity, limitation empowers focus. Focus is what allows us to help you best express exactly what you can say.

We understand what you do. You’re building relationships with businesses, families and individuals as they exists in the present, helping them thoughtfully navigate change, while ensuring that they’re properly planning for their future. We recognize your features and benefits, we know that your expertise, your personal council and guidance are your greatest assets.

But at the end of the day, your financial services are only your toolkit. What you’re really offering is you. Your story, your core beliefs, why you choose to help others -these are all the personal elements that allow your prospects to emotionally connect with you, and ultimately to choose to work with you.

Here’s the light at the end of the tunnel. To the majority of your prospects, financial planning is completely foreign, it is the darkness, they’re in that tunnel. Our job is to make you their light.

Let’s make this a dialogue. Contact us.

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