International Education

International Education is locally, regionally and globally transformational in thousands of individuals’ lives. We understand that your work across all purpose and disciplines affects students, hosts, educators, administrators, agents, leaders and partners.  

We spend over half our time with leading brands like yours, partnering to reach your audience. Helping you achieve your goals in International Education is our most satisfying work. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Here are just a few of the goals we can help you achieve:

  • Encourage American students to study abroad
  • Invite international students to study in colleges and universities across the United States
  • Encourage and support American educators teaching overseas
  • Celebrate those leading by example and in thought, to influencing the IE space
  • Highlight important public policies
  • Enlist and educate advocates
  • Address challenges and provide solutions in the IE space
  • Mobilize your membership, staff and volunteers
  • Recognize achievement in International Education
  • Celebrate triumphs gained in the midst of crisis
  • Share the emotional value of the IE experience
  • Increase International Education enrollment at your institution
  • Popularize programs in professional development and competencies growth

Here are a few notable brands and campaigns we continue to support:

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