Non-Profit Video Production

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Non-Profit Videos Made to Achieve Your Goals and Help Others

Producing nonprofit videos is our most rewarding work.

We love it because it is less about either of us.  

Chiefly it’s a partnership forged to help others.  That’s why we need to connect.

In much the same way you connect with your audience, we’re committed first, to understanding your challenges.

We’re ready to dig deep alongside you. Unearthing solutions together.

We’ll explore strategies on how to achieve a variety of goals: connect with your target audience, increase your visibility, and build engagement. You’ll talk about what’s working for you. We’ll share ideas on how to attract new members, mobilize volunteers, inspire activism, build awareness, foster advocacy, and cultivate donors.

You’ll teach us about your priorities for those you serve. We’ll each share our expertise. We’ll both be listeners learning. Then the heart of our work together will reveal itself. It’s such a pragmatic process, that by the time we figure out what we’re going to do -and actually do it- the result does feel a bit magical.

Many ways forward, one true path

Creating an emotional connection with your organization’s work is the most powerful way to inspire personal action. We can help you to tell an uplifting story and create that necessary emotional connection with your audience. We’ll help you celebrate your volunteers and your community heroes. You’ll give voice to those who believe what you believe.

Grant viewers access to those who lead in thought and by example. You’ll show who your champions are, and let your viewers see how their actions change the lives of others. Your viewers will be moved by an undeniable truth: what you’re doing really does make a difference.

Do You Host an Annual Conference or Event?

Imagine filming and producing up to 30 videos over the course of your 3-day conference.  We showed our most prolific client how to do exactly that in 2019.  And despite a pandemic, they now have nearly 150 video segments, and counting. 

Imagine having videos you can release every month that boost your website engagement, increase your event's attendance, and increase your conference revenue. 

Imagine partnering with professionals who ensure you'll produce videos that achieve specific goals for your departments, programs, initiatives and their campaigns. 

So many possibilities all stem from one glaring opportunity.

Conferences and Events are your best opportunity to maximize the value of video production.

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A New Contactless Video Creation Solution:

We haven’t found a problem video couldn’t help our clients to solve.

We haven't met an audience that couldn’t be inspired. And we’ve never had an unsatisfied client.

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