Conference Video Production | Event Videography

Conference Video Production At Your Premiere Event

You’re gathering together experts and leaders from across the country. 

You're ready to maximize the value of your conference video production.  

The perfect time and place for your video content creation to thrive

is during your richest opportunity of the year.

You'll get the most content possible

and the professional quality your brand demands.

3 Goals We Can Help You Achieve

Demonstrate Your Value, Build Your Authority, Increase Your Revenue

Show the Value of Networking

Show the Value of Exhibiting

Turn Attendees into Ambassadors

Build Authority with Thought Leader Interviews

Sell Spots on Your Live-Event Big Screens with Pre-Roll

Highlight the Value of Your Programming


What Our Clients Are Saying

How we elevate your event video production to peak performance:

  • Pre-Conference Consultation
  • Establish Video Marketing Strategy and Conference Video Production Goals
  • Production Design
  • Pre-production & Scheduling
  • Corporate & Event Branded Animated Graphics Packages
  • Production of Live Event Pre-Roll
  • Conference in-Studio Production
  • Event Videography with Same-Day-Edits
  • On-Site Client and Producer Debrief
  • Editing of Additional Video Content
  • Production Refinement & Content Recommendations
  • Budget Season Proposals Submitted
  • Renew Agreements and Begin Again

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Additional Conference Video Production Services:

  • Location Event Videography - Teams are available to cover any related event programming offsite at local venues.
  • Live-Stream Broadcast and Recording of live conference programming is available. Create post-conference On-Demand resources, as a value add or a revenue generation source.
  • Hybrid Experiences - Supplement your live conference programming and/or serve those who could not attend.  Broadcast live and/or offer On-Demand.
  • Virtual Conferences - When circumstances or budget won’t allow for an in-person conference, we'll help you bridge the gap.  Broadcast live, pre-recorded, or a mix.  And/or offer On-Demand.
  • Environmental and Digital Display - Design, Creation & Delivery.  Our team designs for Times Square screens, Barclays Center, and Giants Stadium -to name a few.
  • Private Video Hosting - Best-in-Class video hosting and delivery to any device connected to the internet anywhere in the world.  Integration with your website, on-demand or e-learning platforms is also available.
  • Video & Raw Footage Storage - You can have your footage stored locally and in the Cloud by our team.  We can deliver footage to you on physical hard drives.  We can use all three storage methods to ensure safety, redundancy, and easy access for your team and ours.

You've identified a problem, we'll produce your video solution.

We haven't met an audience that couldn’t be inspired. And we’ve never had an unsatisfied client.

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