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    "It was a pleasure to work with ARTIE MEDIA during the creation of our website. The video positioned on our home page proved to be the ideal way of introducing not only our company, but also ourselves to new customers. Darrin was available at all times to answer our many questions, make improvements and provide guidance. The quality of ARTIE MEDIA’s work speaks for itself. We would highly recommend him to anyone!"

    Gail & Mike Handrahan

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video production for business


Video Production for Business is good business!
Are you a decision maker for a Small Business, Nonprofit or Corporation?How can we help?

Two questions for you. Who is your target audience? Okay, they’ve just watched your new video. What action do you want them to take? Whether they call you, click your contact us button, make a donation, subscribe to your newsletter, or buy your product right there and then -your audience has taken action.

What do we want from your target audience? The same thing you want: ACTION.

Video production for business must inspire action. That action helps you achieve a specific goal. That goal helps you save money or make money. Want to increase your business success? Contact Us today.

Oh, and here’s the answer to that question you have. How much does a video cost?

You don’t have to watch the video. You can just Contact Us.

Remember the last time you successfully answered a client question? That’s a nice feeling.

Remember the last time your important question was well answered? That feels even better. What a relief!

Are you still here? Okay, you should probably watch the video now.


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How Can Internal Corporate Video Save You Money? How Can Internal Corporate Video Save You Money?
How Do I Prove ROI For Video Production?-thumb How Do I Prove ROI For Video Production?-thumb

We offer you a complimentary consultation. That’s a conversation well worth having.

Promotional Video, ACTION

ACTION was created by ARTIE MEDIA as a promotional video for our website. It is also placed on five social media channels in order to increase our brand visibility and to highlight our Boston Video Production Services.