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Small Business Video: Why bother?

Most of your new competitors won’t invest in video, and your oldest competitors don’t believe they need it.  

But here’s the hard truth...

if your competitors are using video, you are falling behind.

On the brighter side...

if your competitors don’t have video, you have a golden opportunity.

Video is the most powerful medium to show who you are, what you do, and it lets your viewers see why they should choose to do business with you. Video demonstrates your authority. Video shows prospects that you are a leader in your industry. Video is the single best way to set yourself apart from the competition.   

Every business needs a steady stream of new leads. And the first thing your prospects want to see is validation. Professional video creates immediate validation, showing you’re credible, capable, and confident. With these bold advantages, video is your best marketing investment.

Q. Just how do small business videos get you to the sale faster?

A. Video increases engagement.

Your visitor has just watched your video and they’ve learned a lot. Now they want to dig in and learn more about how your product or service can help them.  

Studies show viewers will engage with your website for 3X as long as they would on your competitor’s text-only website.  

The longer your viewer engages with your website, the more they’ll learn. And when they’ve learned enough, their next step is to contact you, or make a purchase right there and then.  

Video accelerates the customer’s journey, getting your business to the sale faster. The faster you make the sale, the faster you move on to your next prospect, and the closer you are to realizing your return on investment.

User Engagement

Text Only Websites


Websites With Video


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A New Contactless Video Creation Solution:

Small business video can help you in more ways than you’ve considered.

Take a look at our client success stories. Watch a video.  

We haven’t found a problem video couldn’t help our clients to solve.

We haven't met an audience that couldn’t be inspired. And we’ve never had an unsatisfied client.

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