Internal Corporate Video | Score On Employee Turnover

Internal Corporate Video | Score on Turnover

How To Score on Turnover with Internal Corporate Video Coach Belichick Said, “You turnover the ball, that’s a 14-point swing!” If you’ve played football -or almost any sport- at one time or another you’ve heard coach say that turning the ball over costs us the points we should have scored and the points the other…

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Professional Video Licensing

Professional Video Licensing -or- How to get a $10K Video for $5K

Professional Video Licensing How to get a $10K Video for $5KWant a new Professional Video for your business?  Hesitant to make a large cash investment? We can cut your initial video production investment by 50% -or more- with our exclusive Professional Video Licensing Program. First, if you were purchasing your $10K Professional Video outright, our industry…

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Script Writing & Concept Development Services: Your Video Production Guide

Script Writing and Concept Development

Script Writing and Concept Developement Services Every professional script is unique, but they do share two common necessities.  Whether creative writers are writing a feature film, a branded short film, or an informational video, they’re all faced with the challenge of helping you achieve a business goal by telling a story that resonates with your…

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