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How To Score on Turnover with Internal Corporate Video

Coach Belichick Said, "You turnover the ball, that's a 14-point swing!"

If you've played football -or almost any sport- at one time or another you've heard coach say that turning the ball over costs us the points we should have scored and the points the other team scored, "That's a 14-point swing!" Though I'm not actually quoting Coach Belichick, it's nearly impossible he's never uttered some semblance of that phrase. Let's turn this game around and show you how to score on turnover using internal corporate video.

Let's take a 30-second timeout and look at a common fact of business life. You're going to encounter employee turnover. Every business does. What's one simple way we might benefit from the turnover?

When a new team member arrives there's an on-boarding process: orientation, procedural training -maybe even compliance or safety training are required as well. And somebody -or several employees- are responsible for providing that training. Well, what if you could replace your trainers with video and save a substantial amount of man hours in the process? Um... you can.

For every hour of training you replace with video, you save an hour of company time. Meanwhile your trainer is able to turn their attention elsewhere, repurpose that time, and complete another meaningful task. And here's where our turnover analogy shifts and the game-clock starts running again. In this game, you're the team who pressured the quarterback at the goal line forcing him to hurry his pass into the flats while your cornerback jumped the receiver's route, intercepting the pass, and flew down the sideline 95-yards untouched. Touchdown! That 14-point swing, just swung in your favor.

Most people think about business video as a marketing tool, outward facing, created to achieve goals that get you big wins: increasing your engagement, sales and marketshare. Business video is created to make you money, right? Absolutely. But business video can also be a valuable internal asset that allows you to save money and increase employee productivity. Plus, when your trainers turn their attention to working on a tasks that improve your processes and increase company productivity, then you'll not only be saving money, you'll be making more money at the same time. Video puts you on the right side of that 14-point swing, proving a turnover can benefit your company. If I'm the coach of your team, I've got one question for you. With Video, How many more big wins can you earn on the turnover next year?

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How Can Internal Corporate Video Save You Money?

How can internal corporate video save you money


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