Podcast saved my life tonight

podcast saved my life tonight-blog postIt’s fair to say I owe a lot to Podcasts.

Okay, I probably don’t owe my life to podcasts, but they’ve certainly made an impact on my professional development over the years.  Before I ever realized I was going to start a video production business here in the Boston area, I was commuting to work on the subways of New York City listening to and watching podcasts every day.

I listened to the Digital Convergence Podcast, masterfully hosted by Carl Olson, and enjoyed countless conversations among production specialist, artists, entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators. I credit Carl for providing the inspiration and encouragement to start my business.

I watched a video podcast series called Layers TV which explored artistic techniques within what was then called the Adobe Creative Suite. The irony there was that I couldn’t actually see what was being demonstrated on my then tiny iPhone, but the concepts behind the techniques discussed stuck with me -and often still apply across several of the professional digital applications I use today!

As of late, I started listening to a couple regional podcasts.  The first, Commonwealth Innovation podcast, shares the stories of successful entrepreneurs across Massachusetts. It’s hosted by Scott Yelle and has become a weekly standard for me.

Interestingly, a few months ago, I was asked by Scott to do a bit of work on the podcast. I helped him produce a voiceover advertisement for one of his monthly sponsors. A few weeks later, Scott was kind enough to offer me a sponsorship role as well.

At first I was conflicted by the idea of producing an advertisement that wasn’t video based, but then I (removed my H from my A) came to my senses. Why shouldn’t I create a radio style ad that took its cue from the podcast format?  Perhaps less formal and conversational, I thought. Maybe something that gets at the heart of what people encounter when the boss suggests they create a video for their business. Admittedly, what I came up with was a touch glossier than it probably needed to be, but it was a sincere message and effort nonetheless. Have a listen here if you like.

The second podcast I’ve been listening to is The Workspace Podcast hosted by Justin Moran.  Justin does a great job featuring experts in the business community.  He really makes his guests feel comfortable and encourages them to dig into a range of topics within their given expertise. I can attest to this personally, as Justin was kind enough to lure me in front of the microphone. You can have a listen here, Episode 14.

Anyway, the big takeaway here is that podcasts are an amazing format, where stories can be told, expertise shared, mysteries solved, and just good old conversations can be had -all to our benefit. So, many thanks Podcasters! And keep up the great work!

Go take a look at these lists of Best Podcasts of 2017 & Best Podcasts of 2018. Or go actively search for a podcast that speaks to your professional development or personal interests. Podcast listening is an excellent use of your commuting hours every week.