Video Project Budgeting

Video Project Budgeting

Video Project Budgeting for Next Year, Now

The most common hurdle we encounter in fielding a new video production project request is the lack of a proper budget.  Often this happens because video is an afterthought, and becomes a last minute request from project owners, stakeholders, and dare we say, from the C-Suite itself.

What’s more, the majority of last minute requests we encounter come from businesses that have never worked with a professional video producer before.  This isn’t likely to change anytime soon, but what we can do is continue to educate the business community on how to better prepare for your internal video requests by helping you recognize your opportunities to use video and offering suggestions on how to budget for it.

With budget season approaching, we recommend looking at your yearly calendar of events.  Which industry conferences, trade shows, non-profit events or sponsorships have you committed to?

The power of video lies in amplifying your visibility -before, during or after any one of these events.  And there are a surprising number of video types you can create surrounding each event that can help you achieve specific business goals.

We’ve created a list of some common video types for you to consider.  Each example is presented as a case study to help you understand what video our clients wanted, what goals they wanted to achieve, and how we helped them execute the supporting video marketing strategies that lead to their successes.

If you run your own national conference, congress or assembly, then have a look this Conference Video Production | Event Videography page made just for you

Your successful video project begins with a consultation -our discovery process.  This is where we’ll help you to identify your video marketing opportunities, recommend video types, and show you how using video to achieve business goals leads to your return on investment (ROI)!

Ah yes....  What will your investment in new video cost?  For a helpful answer to this question see: How Much Does a Video Cost?

And in terms of budgeting for your next video(s), after you’ve completed our discovery process we’ll develop specific project estimates for you to include in your next budget proposal.  We’ll even offer you internal strategies for securing your next video production budget.

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